The Mile High Club pt.2

In our first post we talked about how we kicked off this project from 30,000 feet on a long flight from London to New Zealand.

Well, the holiday is over alas and it is time to head back to the UK. Another long flight and time to get stuck into making the idea come to life.

That means less time talking to people (thanks for all of the feedback from people who saw the original post, or those who we badgered over beer during the holiday break down under) and more time producing pages and code.

If you’re reading this then we are live in beta. With a bit more detail about the idea and what it means to folk who work at agencies, and startups.

And, true to the name, if you are a member of either one of those, and a little code-friendly, then you can apply via an actual API.

Or you can just do it the traditional form way. Either way, get in touch!

_ AgencyAPI Crew (38 000 feet, 9 Jan 2020)


The Mile High Club

We’ve joined the mile high club, have you?

Get your mind out of the gutter dear reader, we’re not being salacious! What we did at 30,000 feet was hold a mini hackathon to ideate and kickstart this new project.

What better place to be forced to focus on something than trapped in a seat for 16 hours with nothing but bad blockbusters and lukewarm food to distract you?

And with other, similarly trapped and invariably bored, people around – we have built in focus groups and folk to bounce ideas off.

So here we are with a notebook full of sketches, and a holding site all ready to go.

What is the actual idea I hear you ask? Well for now the lede will stay buried, apart from the few clues in the domain and the tagline.

But stay tuned!

_ AgencyAPI Crew (somewhere over Perth Australia, 20 Dec 2019)